The Youth Continuously Supported by Al-Ghaith

Al-Ghaith Department in Al-Anwar Al-Najafyia Foundation continues to support the youth segment and provide job opportunities for them. Body-scouters have been delivered to a number of young people in Najaf province with monthly payments.

Hassanain Shubbar, Head of Department, confirmed that this project is one of the charitable projects in support of the unemployed segment and has been started since 2014, as it was the first start and for this moment, the aim is to provide job opportunities for unemployed young people who have no work

As for the system of work, Subbar stated that it is to be done after reviewing the status and condition of the beneficiary and inquiring about him and ensure the correctness of his information as being unemployed and poor.

The beneficiaries of this project expressed their happiness and satisfaction. They use the amount of benefit from these scouters as the source of living and benefit from them after they were without work or livelihood. They praised the system of repayment of loans smoothly and conveniently and express their thanks to those in charge of such service projects for what the foundation and the department provided them.

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