Eidul Ghadeer in Al-Anwar Institute

On the occasion of Eidul Ghadeer, Al-Anwar Educational Institute, which is affiliated to Al-Anwar Al-Najafyia Foundation for Culture and Development, held a ceremony to celebrate this occasion in the presence of Haj Qasim Mohyee, Director of Al-Anwar Educational Institute, Mr. Faris Ma'ala, an official of Al-Anwar Educational Institute and a number of professors and some students.

The ceremony started by recitation of the Holy Quran by one of the students of the Institute, and then the speech of the Director of the Al-Najaf Foundation, Haj Qasim Mohyee, in which he congratulated the students and professors and blessed them on the efforts made, wishing them continued success in their academic future.

Faris Ma'ala, the Institute's official spokesperson, spoke about the occasion thanking the efforts exerted by the professors in order to make the educational process a success, and urged the students to persevere and exert effort towards success and excellence.

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