Aytamuna Inspects Orphans’ Houses

Within the field tours and inspection of Aytamuna, a delegation from the department visited a number of orphans' families in Al-Manathrah district in Najaf province, as well as in Gammas district in Diwaniya province.

Haj Ali Hanoon, the department official, pointed out that some of these families live in a tent in the middle of a farm that is not suitable for housing and has a number of orphans, and others live in a rented house in the bypass area contains a wooden roof room that is not suitable for housing.

He added that food aid and money have been distributed and registered as part of the care and care of orphans.

The department guarantees a one-year salary for these families with all their needs, including food, medical, etc., and the registration of children within the schools affiliated with the institution. .

Hanoon also mentioned that these visits in the field aim to communicate with the families of orphans and widows and to see their suffering and provide their special needs, and this is part of the plans for the section, where the families expressed their great thanks and gratitude to the Foundation and the Department of Aytamuna.

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