Al-Najafyia Institute Continues Holding Courses

Head of Al-Najafyia Institute, Mr. Fares Ma’ala, continued to provide support classes for students and sixth preparatory students.

He pointed out that, as part of the daily activities of the Institute for the courses, the Institute held the course of reinforcement for the study of chemistry for the sixth stage of the girls under the supervision of Mr. Haider Shannon and in a new way, which is the method of groups and a modern method of teaching, where the participation of students in the exam and correct their sheets in the session.

This modern method involves teaching where the total number of female students (32) students in this session.

He added that the lecture included the distribution of prizes and gifts to the first female students who received an average of (90%) and above. Some students expressed their satisfaction with this course and benefit from it in the field of their future studies.

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