Sewing Dept Finishes Dar Azzahraa Uniform

The sewing and design department of Al-Anwar Al-Najafyia Foundation completed the final stage of sewing and processing the uniforms for the orphans students from the schools of Dar Azzahraa.

Haj Qassim Mohammed, the department head said that the department has prepared about 450 suits in school uniforms for students of all sizes and measurements according to the students' names and measurements. It will be handed over to the Schools for orphans to be delivered to students at the beginning of the new academic year.

He added that the department produced these uniforms in a record time not exceeding one month and a number of workers not exceeding eight workers, according to the required specifications and high quality in terms of work, design and sewing, and there are other projects in the future to sew clothes and allowances for children and others.

That the aim of this project is to equip and assist the families of orphans and widows and provide all the supplies for their children students and note that these uniforms will be distributed free of charge to the families of orphans.

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