Al-Najafyia Opens a Sewing Department

Haj Qassim Muhyee, Deputy Secretary General of the Foundation, announced the opening of the sewing and design section in the Foundation to join the rest of the departments to support the segments of society.

Muhyee pointed out that the sewing department is one of the sections of the Al-Anwar Al-Najafyia Foundation where it began its work on (18/6/2019) with a staff of eight women who specialize in sewing and designing.

The department produced about 450 special suits for female students during this period, where the students are fully equipped with fully fitted shirt, suits and shoes.

Muhyee said that the products would be distributed to students of Dar Azzahraa Charitable Schools at the beginning of the new school year free of charge for orphans, according to the required measurements and sizes suitable for them, where the first bunch will be delivered this month at the end of this month.

He added that the department is ready to hold courses in the art of sewing and designing, as well as to cooperate with shops and foreign laboratories to supply them with clothes according to the designs and models they need.

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