The Cultural Corner Participates in Prophethood Carnival

The cultural department of Al-Anwar Al-Najafi Foundation for Culture and Development participated in the first Cultural Carnival Exhibition Prophethood, which was held on the gardens of Da’bil Al-Khuzaie Street in Najaf province.

"The participation of the Cultural Department in this celebration is an expression of our love and dedication to the glory of the message, which was represented by the one who brought it and its role in mobilizing the community and walking towards the right path," said Mr. Mohammed Al-Shara, head of the department.

Al-Shara explained during his speech the importance of this great occasion to celebrate in the atmosphere of Islamic science and culture and to emphasize its identity through the dissemination of Islamic knowledge aimed.

He also praised the high spirit of intellectuals and workers in this social field, calling on them to exert more effort and work to enrich the cultural scene in various leading Islamic sciences and projects that serve society and push towards its development.

In addition, the exhibition witnessed a cultural, political and social presence that included many Najafi scholars, intellectuals and dignitaries. It was ended by honoring Al-Anwar Najafi Foundation for Culture and Development in recognition of its active participation in this cultural festival.

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