Using Best Technology to Deliver Services

Noor Al-Najaf studio which belongs to Al-Anwar Al-Najafyia has announced that it has updated most of its facilities, particularly in the broadcasting devices as a way to update the SNG for live broadcasting.

Hussein Muhyee, Director of the Studio, told the reporter “The development witnessed by the studio is to invigorate thoroughly most of the facilities so as to deliver our services to the outside world.”

Muhyee continued “Our Strategy demands using the best technologies for live broadcast via the satellite channels.”

He mentioned also that most of the facilities were updated and they made it easy for them to deliver their services to the channels, which in turn broadcast it lively.

The studio witnessed in the last Muharram and Safar months great many activities as it broadcast many religious programs and preaching sessions. What helps the smoothness of the work in the studio and the easy delivery of the services is the specialized staff working in it.

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